Mos Eisley Cantina

---------------=< Mos Eisley - Chalmun's Cantina >=-----------------
                 ___       ___  ___  ___
                /bh/      /__/ /q_/ /q_/    u = to Mos Eisley
To Dewback ___  _/_  ___  _/_  _/_  _/_     q = Quest Point merchant
 Stables  /__/=/__/-/__/-/__/-/__/-/__/    bh = Bounty Hunter quests
               _/_            _/_  ___  ___
Chalmun's --> /d_/           /__/-/__/-/u_/
 Office       ___  ___  ___  _/_  ___  _L_
             /__/-/__/-/__/-/__/-/__/ /__/
             _/_       _/_  _/_  _/_
            /__/      /__/ /__/ /q_/

              ___  ___  ___
             /u_/-/__/-/__/ <-- cellar below Chalum's Office

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   Min. 1st Qu.  Median    Mean 3rd Qu.    Max. 
   2.00   12.00   17.00   20.17   30.00   50.00

Quest Point Merchants

Quest Point Merchants


Edu (Tatooine Manhunt Quest)

L14 Reegesk the Ranat (pay 2k credits to access Spice Dealer)

L02 Kabe
L05 washed up pilot
L10 Twi'lek waitress
L10 Shistavanen Lak Sivrak
L10 Ackmena (matronly bartender)

Modal Nodes
L12 Tedn Dahai
L12 Tech Mo'r
L12 Nalan Cheel
L12 Ickabel G'ont
L12 Doikk Na'ts
L12 Figrin D'an
L20 Lirin Car'n

L12 Muftak
L12 Nightlily (M'iiyoom Onith)
L12 Dannik Jerriko
L13 band manager (dejected looking man)
L14 Reegesk the Ranat
L15 Nabrun Leids
L16 freighter captain
L18 Momaw Nadon
L20 Danz Borin
L20 Elis Helrot
L20 Ponda Baba
L20 Hanos Darr
L20 Lirin Car'n
L30 Baniss Keeg
L30 bounty hunter
L30 Dr. Evazan
L30 Leesub Sirln
L30 Rycar Ryjerd
L30 Tonnika Sisters
L35 Kitik Keed'kak
L40 Greedo, (Greedo's Rodian blaster)
L40 Ellorrs Madak
L40 Djas Puhr
L50 Rudy Dekker

L72 Wuher the Bartender

angry Rodian

? Aqualish Thug
? A Doorman
? Suicide Bolabo Hujaan

Supply Closet

1) Slice the door by the entrance
2) slice the supply closet
3) get the bag

inside the bag is Thyseel Spice and Grey Gabaki

Object 'Thyssel Spice', Item type: Spice
It can be worn: Inventory 
Item is: Glowing 
Weight: 1, Value: 25000, Rent: 1500
This Spice casts:  dark influence infravision

Object 'Grey Gabaki', Item type: Spice
It can be worn: Inventory 
Item is: Glowing 
Weight: 1, Value: 1000, Rent: 100
This Spice casts:  armor sense life
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