Mos Eisley Lowbie

Nerf Farm

L01 small lizard (A2E/L06)
L01 scurrier (A2E/L06)
L06 baby nerf
L06 nerf
L06 nerf herder's child, (key)
L10 scruffy nerf herder
L10 half-witted nerf herder
L10 pregnant nerf
L12 milk nerf
L14 stuck-up nerf herder, (nerf herder's staff, basic melee)
L12 mutant bug

Twi'lek (chief nerf herder), What/L12

Nerf Farm Lab
Gundark (Gundark ears) thing, guard nek
little thing (L43+)


L06 citizen
L06 bunga farmer
L08 parking officer

L08 Windy
L08 Deak
L12 Camie
L11/What Fixer

L06 drunk
L12 card player, (sabacc card) (wristblaster, mod blaster)
L24 womp rat

L26 Gavin Darklighter, (X-Wing helmet, superior), hunters token
L30 Mayor Darklighter, (small gas control unit) (force field)

1) [sell token] to EV-7E9 in the Bounty Hunter's guild for about 4,500 credits)

Object 'an X-wing helmet', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory Head 
Item is: Magic 
Weight: 5, Value: 4500, Rent: 1500
AC-apply is 7

Dewback Stables

L20 dewback
L20 dewback stablemaster, (bantha hide boots, basic)

Object 'bantha hide boots', Item type: Armor
It can be worn: Inventory Feet 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 6, Value: 450, Rent: 45
AC-apply is 3
Quality: Brand New.

Rock Garden/Southern Mos Eisley

located south from the SW gate of Mos Eisley

L22 Tusken Raider (aggy), (gaffi stick, basic melee) (Tusken Filter Mask, basic head) (deserk cloak, basic neck)
L24 womp rat
L20/What Bantha
wandering mobs from Mos Eisley

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