MUD Commands

Newbie Help Table

Being new to RotJ can sometimes be confusing, so in order to help you
get started we've included a list of the help files for some of the
essential commands and systems you need to become familiar with.
They are broken into four categories:

Essentials - Things you need to know to play (and keep playing)
Information - How to find out about your character, other characters
              and the mud in general
Combat - How to fight, and how to survive
Advancement - How to improve your character

  Essentials    Information   Combat        Advancement
  -----------   -----------   -----------   -----------
  INNS          POLICY        KILL          LEVELS
  EAT           INVENTORY     FLEE          PRACTICE
  RECALL        SCORE         WIMPY         GAIN
                WHO                         TRAIN

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Movement Help Table

LOOK          REST          ENTER          LOCK          SHIP
SCAN          SLEEP         EXITS          UNLOCK        PILOT
WAKE          SIT           OPEN           SPEEDER       WALK
JUMP          CLOSE         RIDE           STAND

To move in any direction, just type NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST,
UP, DOWN or use the first letter of each word

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Communication Help Table

 SAY          TELL        COMLINK          MAIL        GSAY
 ASK          NOTELL      NOCOMLINK        CHECK       GTELL
 WHISPER      SHOUT       GRATS            RECEIVE     QSAY

See Also: Toggle

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Objects Help Table

   EAT          GET            WEAR          USE           SCORE
   DRINK        GIVE           REMOVE        UTILIZE       EQUIPMENT
   TASTE        DROP           PUT           WATCH         INVENTORY
   SIP          JUNK           HOLD          PLAY          CASH
   POUR         EMPTY

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General Help Table

           Wizlist            Help            Who            Quest
           Toggle             Immlist         News           Where
           Serve              Credits         Info           Time
           Flags              Weather         Cash

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Combat Help Table

          CONSIDER            KILL          WIELD              GROUP
          WIMPY               FLEE          CONCENTRATE        ASSIST
          DISBAND             UNGROUP       PROFICIENCIES      SWIMPY           

See Also: Newbie

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Utility Help Table

  Prompt      Commands     Idea        Shops    Autoassist       Save
  Display     Socials      Typo        Inn      Autoloot         Quit
  Brief       Title        Bug                  Autosplit        
  Compact     Nosummon                          Autoexit

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------------------------------=< Social >=-------------------------------

Usage: <social> [<victim>] [<bodyPart>]

Socials are commands used to show your affective state to others.  The
actor, victim and bystanders may receive different messages.  Generally
social commands are used only to express emotion and not to take action,
but it is possible that some mobs (or players) will take action based on
the social.  (Slap a Wookiee lately?)

Note: most socials will not take bodyPart arguments.

  > shake Luke
  > applaud Han
  > poke bollux eye
  > stare

See the SOCIALS command for a canonical listing of all available socials.

See Also: Emote

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The following socials are available to you:
abstain    accuse     ack        adore      agree      ahem       aim        
airhead    amused     anvil      apologize  applaud    arch       argh       
ashamed    babble     bacon      banana     bat        battlecry  bearhug    
beckon     beer       beg        belch      bite       bizness    bleed      
bless      blink      blow       blowkiss   blush      boast      boggle     
boink      bond       bonk       boo        boogie     bored      bounce     
bow        brb        bunny      burp       byebye     cackle     caress     
carrot     celebrate  chant      chase      checkout   cheer      chokeslam  
chuckle    clap       coffee     colcannon  collapse   comb       comfort    
cough      covet      cringe     cry        cuddle     curse      curtsey    
daydream   defy       derob      doff       dog        doh        drool      
dsal       elbow      embrace    eskimo     eyebrow    facepalm   fade       
faint      fart       flex       flirt      flourish   fondle     fore       
french     frown      fume       fwap       gag        gasp       geh        
giggle     glare      glower     gnash      goose      greet      grimace    
grin       groan      grope      grovel     grr        grumble    gurgle     
hiccup     highfive   hiss       hop        howl       hug        ide        
insult     isal       jeer       kiss       lambada    laugh      leer       
lick       lmao       love       lucas      massage    moan       moon       
mosh       muhaha     mumble     mutter     nibble     nod        nope       
nose       np         nudge      nuzzle     ogle       pant       pants      
pat        peer       pet        pinch      point      poke       ponder     
pose       pounce     pout       pray       prod       puke       punch      
purr       qui        raspberry  ren        rimshot    rockbottom rofl       
roll       rsal       rub        ruffle     saberon    scratch    scream     
seduce     seizure    shake      shishkabob shiver     shriek     shrug      
shudder    sigh       sing       slap       smack      smile      smirk      
smooch     smurf      snap       snarl      sneeze     snicker    sniff      
sniffle    snore      snort      snuggle    sob        spank      spike      
spit       squeeze    stare      steam      stimpy     stretch    stroke     
strut      suck       sulk       swear      tackle     tag        tango      
tantrum    tap        taunt      tempt      thank      think      thumb      
tickle     trout      tug        twiddle    twirl      twitch     ugh        
violin     wave       wedgie     wee        weep       whap       whimper    
whine      whistle    wiggle     wince      wink       yawn       yes        
yodel      yuck
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