EQ (Equipment)

-----------------------------=< Evaluate >=------------------------------

Usage: evaluate <object>
       evaluate #<list #>   (shops only)

Using the Evaluate command at shops, such as the Captain in Mos Eisley, 
may reveal some of the properties of an item, so you can decide if you
want to purchase it or not.

Weapon Damage Levels - Simple, Basic, Moderate, Powerful, Vicious,
                       Brutal, Savage, Merciless, Ferocious, Cruel

Armor Ratings - Weak, Basic, Moderate, Superior, Godly

See Also: Shops

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Types of Items

Personal Parts Used to make personal items
Ships travel and fight in space
Vehicles ride outdoors
Space EQ found in SPAAAAAAACE


Weapons blaster ranged lightsaber melee dagger crystal throwing
Armor head body arms hands legs feet about body
Armor neck waist wrist fingers shield patch
Items devices light source container canteen furniture food bandoliers
Transport ships vehicles jetpacks
Special personal parts hitroll space accuracy permalights repair kits medical bags


These are affixes that modify the properties of an item.
See: Affixes


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Newbie EQ

The most basic equipment in the game of varying quality.
Always crumbles away into dust when dropped (auto-destroyed)


newbie vest (body)
blaster belt (waist)

newbie blaster (blaster)

Newbie Armor

Newbie armor is weak unless otherwise noted

cap, visor
Padawan's braid (basic) (padawans, Jedi Guild)
hardhat (basic)
light blast helmet (basic)
pendant, weak
jacket (basic)
flight jacket (basic)
jerkin (basic)
jerkin (basic)
blast vest
tunic (mod)
wrap (basic)
poncho (basic)
leather sleeves (basic)
heavy sleeves (basic)
flight sleeves (mod)
gloves (basic)
fingerless gloves
piloting gloves
cloth gloves
flight shorts
cloth pants
skirt (basic)
moccasins (basic)
trinket ring
jawa ring (old jawa) (elder jawa)

Combat Arena
Imperial Navy Vest (body) (AC4)
Imperial Navy sleeves (arms) (AC1, INT+1) (Smart Trainee)
Imperial Navy leggings (legs) (AC1) (Smart Trainee)
Imperial Navy helm (head) (AC1, CON+1) (Imperial Trainee Guard)
Imperial signet ring (ring) (AC1) (Imperial Trainee Guard)
Dark Imperial Cloak (around body) (AC-1)(pit-beast)
pet dragon collar (neck) (AC-1) (baby krayt dragon)
standard-issue Imperial blaster (mod) (AVG 6.0)
shiny new dagger (AVG 2.5)

See: Imperial Academy Scans for details

Newbie Questor
Newbie Questor Shield (shield, moderate) (brightly glowing jar) (500xp, 2k cr)
Newbie Questor's Cloak (around body, basic) (restraining bolt) (500xp, 2k cr)
Newbie Questor Vambraces (arms, weak) (jawa ring from Old Jawa) (500xp,2k cr)
Newbie Questor's Light of Billiance (several days) (Krayt dragon tooth from Poobah or spiritualist, Black Rock)
Newbie Questor Helm of Brilliance (head, moderate) (chainlink armor, newbie bounty hunter, BH guild)
Newbie Questor Armor of Power (body, moderate) (sabacc card, card player, Anchorhead)
Newbie Questor Speeder of Brilliance (ride)

See: Newbie Questor Scans for details

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