Racial Skills

Aqualish - Maul

-------------------------------=< Maul >=--------------------------------

Racial Skill Aqualish

Usage: Maul

Aqualish are a belligerent species with powerful finned claws. They can
use these claws to make dangerous and deadly attacks.  Since this is a
hand-to-hand skill, you must not be wielding any weapons.

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Bothan - Bothan Spynet

--------------------------=< Bothan Spynet >=----------------------------

Racial Skill Bothan

Usage: Access

The Bothans are renowned for their information-gathering techniques.
For over 300 years these aliens have been cultivating a vast network
of operatives dedicated to gathering useful data. A bothan who is
accessing the spynet will from time to time recieve information about
goings on in the world. They may also access some restricted material
concerning the status of the Galactic Civil War.

See Also: Racial skills, Races, Bothan

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Clawdite - Shapeshift

----------------------------=< Shapeshift >=-----------------------------

Racial Skill Clawdite

Usage: shift <race>

Clawdites have the natural ability to change their skin,
and to some extent, their bodily configuration.
Clawdites cannot change mass or skeletal structure using
this ability, and as such they are limited to what races
they can shapeshift into.

The following is the list of races Clawdites may attempt to change into:
Note: shapeshifting into another race gives Clawdites a slight advantage
      In game terms this means you get a bonus based on what race you shift into

See Also: Clawdite, Racial skills

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Ewok - Blend

------------------------------=< Blend >=--------------------------------

Racial Skill Ewok

Usage: blend

Because of their small size and natural dark fur color, Ewoks
are able to blend into their surroundings in certain places.

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Falleen - Pheromones

----------------------------=< Pheromones >=-----------------------------

Racial Skill Falleen

Usage: exude

   Falleen are an exotic species, and they are among the most beautiful of all
humanoid species.  Combine this with their ability to exude pheromones and they
can be extremely attractive.  This allows them to draw mobs of the opposite sex
to their current location from surrounding rooms.    

See Also: Racial skills, Falleen

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Gamorreans - Gore

-------------------------------=< Gore >=--------------------------------

Racial Skill - Gamorreans

Usage: gore <victim>

Any Gamorrean can use its tusks to violently pierce an opponent,
causing significant damage to the target.  A target that has been
gored successfully should sustain minor bleeding for awhile.

See Also: Gamorrean, Races, Racial skills

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Geonosian - Fly

-------------------------------=< Fly >=---------------------------------

   Flying is an ability desired by many races and species and possessed by a
select few.  Toydarians, Qom Qae, and a few other races have wings or the
ability to levitate off the ground.  For other species such as mynocks and
beldons it comes naturally.  There are Force-enabled items that one can find
which will give you the ability to levitate for a few ticks.  This is useful
for traversing rough terrain without losing as many movement points.

If your race has the fly intrinsic or a fly skill, type: FLY

> fly
Paralyse begins to levitate!  

> fly
You float gently to the ground.

Short range attack types such as vibroblades will have difficulty landing
on a flying target unless the attacker is also flying.

NOTE: Flying and entering space are incompatible. You must stop flying
before going into a space area. You also cannot sleep while flying.

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Gungan - Maneuverability

-------------------------=< Maneuverability >=---------------------------

Racial Skill Gungan

Usage: Tumble

   Gungans are extremely dexterous, since their skeleton is made up of flexible
cartilage rather than hard bone.  This allows them to tumble, dodge and evade
attacks easier than other races.    

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Ithorian - Growl

------------------------------=< Growl >=--------------------------------

Racial Skill Ithorian

Usage: growl

Ithorian physiology allows them to expand their vocal membranes sending out
sonic shockwaves in the general area. Force sensitive Ithorians have been 
known to enhance this ability by applying use of the force, for a small
price, of course.

See Also: Ithorian, Racial skills

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Jawa - Scavange

-----------------------------=< Scavenge >=------------------------------

Racial Skill Jawa

Usage: scavenge <corpse>

Jawas make a living scavenging wreckage and leftovers for 
useful parts and supplies, for resale or personal use.
As such Jawas have developed the uncanny instinct
for finding those hidden items on a body that might
otherwise go overlooked.

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Mon Calamari - Enhance Ship

---------------------------=< Enhance Ship >=----------------------------

Racial Skill Mon Calamari

Usage: enhance

   Mon Calamari are known for their piloting and engineering skills.  They
built and operate some of the greatest ships in the Rebel Fleet.  Using this
skill will allow the player to temporarily boost the power of their ship.  
This will result in more damage done during combat, and faster hyperspace

See Also: Mon calamari, Racial skills

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Noghri - Grapple

-----------------------------=< Grapple >=-------------------------------

Racial Skill Noghri

Usage: grapple <victim>

Grappling an opponent allows you to get an upper hand at the beginning of combat,
knocking them off of their feet and giving you a chance to strike first.

NOTE: Grapple cannot be used with a wielded weapon!

See Also: Racial skills, Noghri

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Rodian - Mark

--------------------=< Mark - Rodian Racial Skill >=---------------------

Usage: mark <victim>

Rodians have the reputation of being some of the best
Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy.  They live, breathe, and
die for the hunt.  Rodians have learned to mark their
prey with special chemicals that only they can sense.

Once marked, a Rodian's victim will have a very difficult
time sneaking around without being noticed by the hunter.

Using mark without an argument will return your current target.

See Also: Racial skill, Rodian, Races

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Sullustan - Spacial Awareness

------------------------=< Spacial Awareness >=--------------------------

Racial Skill Sullustan

Usage: pinpoint

Sullustans have perfect direction sense and memory, and this allows them to know
where they are at any time.  Using this skill will give the player the
hyperspace coordinates of their current location.

See Also: Sullustan, Racial skills

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Trandoshan - Sniff

------------------------------=< Sniff >=--------------------------------

Racial Skill Trandoshan

 Usage: sniff

Trandoshan's have an excellent sense of smell.  By sniffing the air, they
can tell if there is anyone or anything in the immediate area.

See Also: Racial skills, Trandoshan

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Twi'lek - Dance

--------------------------=< Twi'lek Dance >=----------------------------

Usage: dance <victim>

   Few things are as beautiful as a female Twi'lek in motion.  Twi'leks have
mastered the art of dance.  A Twi'lek is capable of such beautiful dances that
they can sometimes use these moves to distract someone before a fight.

   While fighting someone who has witnessed such beauty, the target is
usually very distracted and in awe from the event.  This gives the Twi'lek
a much needed advantage at the start of combat.

See Also: Twilek, Races, Racial skills

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Wookies - Climb

------------------------------=< Climb >=--------------------------------

Racial Skill Wookiees

Usage: Climb

Wookiees, being a tree dwelling species, have special climbing claws.
Climbing takes a bit of concentration and is very taxing.

See Also: Races, Wookiee, Racial skills

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Zabrak - Intensity

----------------------------=< intensity >=------------------------------

Racial Skill Zabrak

Usage: intensify

   Zabraki are known throughout the galaxy for their ability to focus on the
task at hand.  They can focus this intensity improving their ability with the
force.  In game terms, this means while using this skill, Zabraks will receive
a slight bonus to both healing and damage spells.  Also, the effects of
half-force rooms will not bother them.    

See Also: Zabrak, Racial skills

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