Serpentarium and Cube Guide by Cleaner and Nimnath

Understand the Following:
0 — Read Room Descriptions
1 — You will need a party member with pick lock
2 — You need a BG with gretreat, push, and hawkeye
3 — Bring with you ALOT of Passes
4 — Patience is a Virtue
5 — A Suicidal Level 1 is optional but reccomended.
6 — Bring blockades
7 — At least one party member needs scan
8 — A Jedi for heals and Sanctuary, poison removal, and sense danger.
9 — liquid cable dispensers. more than one per person
10 — there are no dt's in the zone

The zone has 20 stasis locks. Every stasis lock is released at a console by typing "press". Every now and again an item is created in a room that was not there before (like consoles). Some consoles are used twice.

At some point the water sentinels (2d of the room you type "enter" to dive) respawn for every lock you release. Every new pair load one crystal fragment. You need the 6 fragments to construct the 20th stasis lock, which is a crystal key.

The Guide:

jump 555, land,
walk dseeednwwswswwnnnnwswdd, pick vault, open vault, walk ndddddeeeeedd

You are now in Serpent Hollow. It is a 3x3 area, every room has a jump exit which leads back up and out. NW, SW and NE corners have exits down that do nothing, n e d has instakill capability.

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

    <-- Serpent Hollow -->

       ___ ___ ___

    Can Jump/Scale/Climb up from any room to exit
    ENTER from the center to go Inside tghe Snake Head
    NW = Circular Chamber
    NE = DT!!! Cylinder Shaped Shaft
    SW = Scorched Chamber
    SE = Entrance Chamber  

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

Stasis Lock One

From the serpent head, go East then South, Open the hatch down. Through the hatch be 4 sentinels which block movement. Kill, rather easy. East. Going east again gets you into the pit, but you want to be in the pit, so go east or down.


---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

    <-- Statis Lock 01 -->
      |__  ___
     /__/-/d_/--> Pit  Down or East to Pit
     _/_  ___
    /__/-/d_/   Lift down

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

Stasis Lock Two

Jump, w, s, e.

And here's a lift that's new. "ride".

At the bottom can be found a crystal statue. Examine statue. Look label. Typing "chip" will spawn 4 Vytholus and drop a crystal shard on the floor. Not necessary, but you can if you want the xp. The chip/shard is a crappy force crystal, Pick door n. Open door n. North. Open door e. Open door n. North. A stasis tube. Inside is a man-serpent. Aggy and poisonous. Semi-easy.

Two rooms to the east is a aggressive genetic mutation, he loads genetic material, one time use casts 'mutate'. Has 8 attacks, but low hitroll. Lightly sting thru jedi sanc.

If you do not go 2e, but open the door west and enter that room, you'll find 2 thornslingers and a strangleweed. They're aggy and easy.

As soon as they're dead…


---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

    <-- Statis Lock 02 -->
      |__  ___
     /__/-/d_/--> Pit  Down or East to Pit
     _/_  ___
    /__/-/d_/   Lift down    
          |___   ___  ___  ___
          |4_/=//2_/-/__/-/3_/   2 = Statis Tube
          |___  _=_              3 = Genetic Mutation
          |__/=/__/              4 = Stasis Lock 2
          Lift Up and Crystal Statue

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

Stasis Lock Three

Get back to the room where you typed "chip". e2s from this room.


Stasis Lock Four

Get back to the Seed Storage. "enter"
Two sentinels, east leads back out.
South of you, through the closed door, is an instakill room. Room name "Airlock". South of the Airlock are 10 insect swarms with 8 attacks but low hitroll once again. Aggy. They have a lot of hp. You need to go through here later, but you might as well kill them now. Go into the Airlock, open door s, go s, close door n. Wait for battle spam to end. Open door n, 2neu. Open door s. s2wuwn. "press" chance to be poisoned. "enter". Open hatch d. d. If you pick the pale orb up 6 Guardians will spawn. (currently disabled) They are only dangerous if they all aggy the same person, so be quick and kill them first.

North be 2 sentinels, easy kills.

Two east of the pale room is a stasis generator. Not part of the greater scheme of things, but it causes xp. Typing "press" here will spawn 2 test subjects, 2 snake hounds, a hatchling, 2 ssithers, 2 guardians and a vytholus. All spawn at the same time, all aggy, e


Stasis Lock Five

Time to go to Seed Storage again. From the button you just pushed, 2wu2sedse, "ride", 2nw, "enter", 2s. Open door e. e. "press" *STASIS LOCK 5 RELEASE*

Stasis Lock Six

Now get back to pale room. n.

The door north is now unlocked. Open and enter. Get datakey. From here, 2ses. Weapon storage.


Stasis Lock Seven

Get back to the main complex and "ride" in. 2nen.

Beneath you now is a library. Contains two roaming scientists and the next lock. Scientists are semi-easy. They load serpent rings and datakeys, both which you will need later. You want to end up down, south then west. Here be three doors. North is stasis 6, which you just unlocked. West is 9, south is 10. You need to go north. Guardian has some hp, but doesn't hurt much.

The room with 2 bookcases is the library. Most of my dirs work from here. The pickable bookcases load old book (3 mana restores one time device), snakeskin boots, red powder, a book fragment, and snake fang dagger.

South is the door that leads to the crystal regen machine. Used to create the 20th stasis lock. Also through there are mutant spiders, which load spider webs. 0 rent blockades. You can reach the spiders either by failing a jump attempt, or succeeding 3 jumps and going down. Three jumps across, either way.

East, north as well as east, south from the library can be found closed stasis tubes. "press" will get you a guardian. Real easy xp.

2e of the library is a nest with semi-useless items. I say semi-useless because I haven't found a use for them yet but maybe it's a trick/secret. Through the closed east exit are 3 snake-hounds. They block movement, but aren't hard to kill. Another e gets you at the top of a lift. Down and through the closed door east. Here are a couple interesting machines. Remember to get a mutation! No, not necessary, but it's tradition. Raid the chemical rack. The fine red powder is to be used on enemies or newbs. At the radiation emitter, jump. Up top, you want to go east, north and down. Kill sentinel droids. If there's no console here, you done something wrong!


Stasis Lock Eight

Open door e. The lift in this room leads to an exit out of the zone, but only if you have a techy with you. No eq loads down there, and no mobs either. After opening the door, go esw3s. Door south. Through the door is a garden pen, with force hounds roaming around. The garden pen is !magic. You're going in there later. I always have our BG push the hounds into the lab, where they can be slept. The pen is 3 or 4 rooms wide, and extend 4 or 5 rooms southward. In the southeastern corner is a masked machine. Open and raid. Void core. One time use device makes a room !magic for a bit.

Force Hound Information:
Poisonous, adapt damage, and absorb Force.
Specproc: Remove all active spells, lower max mana, and lower mana regen.

They, Sneak, Stop Movement, Wander, Assist, and Flee, they are also aggressive toward sleeping characters.

IMPORTANT:A movement blocker cannot block movement while fighting. However, a second movement blocker in the room will stop you from fleeing.

You need to get w n of the library.


Stasis Lock Nine

Get back to the console at the bottom of the lift. From library, nuswse.


Stasis Lock Ten

Back to library.

West. The door west is unlocked. Open door west. West. Need the key from north of the pale room. Unlock elevator w, w. Down is the water research section. Kill the three scientists here. Load large girdle, more serpent rings, blue steel shin guards. The coffee through the closed west exit is poisonous.

Lock no 10 is in the southwestern corner of the garden pen. It's a closed west exit. This room is magic friendly.


Stasis Lock Eleven

Back to library. West. South is now unlocked. Inside be console. *nudge* "look data"


Stasis Lock Twelve

Back to console at start.


Stasis Lock Thirteen

Back to library.

From library, 3wd3s. East is a hidden exit to lockers with underwater suits. DO NOT BE UNDERWATER OVER A TICK. "enter" open grate d. Down, east. Pick the door e. The KRAKEN is through that door. KRAKEN loads sea-green war shield, ssither battle claws, and underwater suit. You'll understand why I full-caps him when you see him. Have LOTS of hp.

All underwater rooms are magic friendly.

From where you type "enter", d, open plug d. Down. Open grate e. East and up. This area is !magic, with more force hounds on the prowl. There are also a few thornslingers and strangleweeds to make things interesting.

From Jungle Pool, you want to go 2nen. Open hidden w. West can be found three aggy jungle scorpions, poisonous and aggy.

Down from there roams Llanoir and Renn. Between them they load hissing black snake, blue steel bracer, serpent rings, blue belt pouch, blue steel knife. They wimpy. Renn has !magic spec.

From beneath the scorpion corpses, 2e.


Stasis Lock Fourteen

Remember where you typed "enter" to dive into the water? Get back there. From this console, 2wuesw2sdw3u.


Stasis Lock Fifteen

Time to go back to the garden pen. The console in the SW corner is reactivated.


Stasis Lock Sixteen

Back to the corpse of Renn. From that console, s. East is a pickable door.

Through the door, four sentinel droids. More xp. They ask for a password, but that is only to get back west. (As if) Password is "Vytholus". There are more force hounds around here, but the entire zone isn't !magic. The first few rooms can be filled with sleeping dogs.

From the 4 droid wreckages, 2su. Welcome to the caretaker's !magic room. This is the caretaker with the eq.

In his room:

Stasis Lock Seventeen

Now you need to go running back to past the instakill room. The console is active again. From caretaker, 3nwn2wuesw2sdw3u3nu3enus2w, enter, 2se.


Stasis Lock Eighteen

The door leading to unstable yellow and green lightsabers is now unlocked. and Purelight

At some point in time a whole bunch of mutant fish spawn in the water. They're not a danger, only a nuisance.

From library, 3wd3s, enter, 2deu2nenwd2esen2esde. East of you are 5 sentinels. They aren't buff, but they can kill unprepared players. They usually do. Open door s and get ready for a few fights. South of the sentinels are 5 mutated jedi. Between them they load unstable yellow and green saber, and Purelight. Fight them as you like, but be warned, this is the first real fighting of the zone. Taking all 5 at once is suicidal. Rather wait for one to roam, and slaughter him. *edit* depending on how buff you are, they might be considered routine kills. Cleaner, with 1k hp, can handle them fine one at a time.

After that, back up to caretaker, the tablet is active again.


optional section

From caretaker, go west. The door west is now unlocked. Inside are 5 aggy room attack red sentinels. Do be careful, they are vicious if not handled right. The right way to handle them is to kill in under three rounds and move on to the next one.

From them, south is a door. Open and enter. Note the stasis generator. Note the room descrip. Usually when ppl say "there were 50 mobs" they mean there were many. Press this button and fifty mobs will, indeed, spawn. The mobs are Vytholus. They don't spawn all at once. They come streaming out of their stasis tubes. If you have enough damage in the group, you can stand and slaughter as they wake up. If not, wait for them to roam north. West is another generator and, indeed, another 50 mobs. *end of optional section*

Stasis Lock Nineteen

Your next console is under the water. You'll see him float in the room below Jungle Pool.


Stasis Lock Twenty

The door you just unlocked can be found south of the winged and feral jedi's room. In there are mutated sith. They're a little tougher than the mutated jedi. Why do sith get all the fun? You need the datakey that loads on of the sith.

By now you should have 6 crystal fragments. Go make the crystal key. North from the pale room is a cabinet east. Go fetch the pitch black key in there.

Back to mutated sith. 2w. Go west! After getting into the room, open table. Get all table. South. East of you is the vault, with its guardian. The password is "Vytholus" again. Once again, saying the password only buys you the right to leave. *edit* doesn't always work. I would advise against fighting this mob. He has a !magic specproc, which goes off just about every round. He hurts plenty, and blocks movement DURING COMBAT.

Get the BG to push him west. Raid the vault, go back north and west, and push him back into place. Vault has blue steel circlet, ring and neck guard. and genetic manual, and vytholus battle claws

South of there is a closed exit west. Through the door is Chameleon. Aggy and has vanish. West from him and up can be found the pitch black guardians. You need to wear the serpent rings to move past the guardians.

Nimnath's Serpantarium Addendum


Nothing makes a mob more scary than what people say about a mob before you decide to fight it. This guy isn't as bad as everyone seems to think, provided you stay on your toes and have a nice list of triggers.

Rahvin's room is not !magic but its not smart to use a pass (because of the summon explained later)

Room attack: hurts everyone in your group (bg needs to be protecting the lowest hp).

Punt: every once in a while Rahvin will kick someone out of the room landing them on their butt. Have a trigger stand,east,assist tank. If you are the tank then either your group needs to flee out or you need to have a trigger set up to rescue the new tank.

Summon: After leaving combat with Rahvin he will randomly summon people back into combat with him. Upon retreat group members should be healed as quickly as possible. You should ideally retreat while your tank still has some hp so that he can last a few rounds if immidiately summoned (with ret lag). There are 2 general strategies for dealing with this summon The first involves an out of combat tech who has a trigger set up to summon the player back to the group, if this is done right it will generally result in the player taking minimal damage unless they get really unlucky. The second I only use when there isn't an available tech. This requires a 100bg, the bodyguard needs a trigger set to run back in to rahvin and push the summoned player out of the room. Fairly simple but if the bg has gret lag it can result in an unfortunate death.
As noted earlier passing from Im-Rahvin isn't a good idea as the triggers won't work unless your tech is parked at port. (dont forget to turn nosum off).

Ideal group makeup: Bodyguard, Jedi Master, Damage (probably sith), Technician.
Note: these strats will (obviously) not work if you are trying to solo Rahvin so you will have to come up with another strategy.
Loot: Pitch black ring/Heart (key to the cube)

Ever wonder where the cube was?

Nimnath's Guide to The Cube

The cube is located in the corner of the garden room. You must have the heart of darkness to enter it. I dont remember if Rahvin needs to be dead to enter but I think so.

The Mobs (descriptions taken from the game itself)


The archer has one overwhelming strength, it's weapon. The droid has a massive bow built into it's right arm. It is high-tech, not like the primitive things you see in holo-vids, and can fire off many varied types of "arrows". To take this monster down, don't loose sight of it, for it will continue to attack even from the far end of the complex, keep it engaged as much as possible, it's defenses are not strong.

Shoots Ice arrows that freeze you in place (the dreaded combat lag) for up to I think 7 rounds. It is possible to live through all 7 rounds without healing however its not advisable.

When you leave combat the archer will shoot you from anywhere in the zone and set you at 1hp. Does this fairly often
Drops his ranged weapon (has nice procs/damage)


The droid I call chaos is predictably unpredictable. The droid itself is a rather small, crooked little thing, surrounded by an aura of dark energy that does it's bidding. Sometimes it attacks only a couple times, sometimes it launches a flurry of attacks, all different, slashing, punching, stabing, kicking. Defensivly it is variable as well. It has no one weakness or strength. Attacks will bounce off it one minute, strike home for extreme damage the next. The field of energy around it commonly lets loose with dark electrical bursts, destructive fire storms or telekinetic powers. However, chaos's greatest strength is the ability to absorb the life force of a dying individual, healing it's form to perfect health. Never die!

This guy is one of the easiest but he can output some nice damage if he gets lucky so be careful.

Drops: Chaotic armor which restores health when you kill a mob. Used to restore to full until I used it to solo most of the game (except that darn Rell). Now it restores something like 4%. You can however wear multiples.


The ripper's body is covered with blades and sharp ends that tear and rend anything that comes close. I'd suggest trying to keep your distance from this pyschotic droid, for that's how it acts, pyschotic. I am unsure if it was programmed that way or has since developed the glitch. You'll probably need several blood transfusions to survive a fight with the ripper.

This guy hurts I dont like him.
Drops: Nice dagger


This droid is probably the most frusterating to engage. On occasion, and with greater regularity as it becomes damage, the illusionist will project dozens of illusions of itself and escape in the confusion. The illusions do not fade away, but remain and you are forced to destroy them in your hunt for the real illusionist. I found the illusions are not entirely harmless, small inch wide projection droids create each illusion, and they can cause a good deal of damage if they should get a chance to attack before you destroy them.

This guy is one of the easier fights kill the little guys quick.
Drops: Illusionist ring, teleports you a few rooms away I think. Not all that great.


The twins fight together and die together. They may seperate in the hallways, but if one is under attack, the other will come running. In combat, any damage done to one twin, will be healed by the other unless it also suffers the same or worse damage. So you must fight them both at the same time or you will have no chance of victory.

Pretty easy but decent damage/hp so it may take a while.
Drops: Twins bracelet, freakin awesome they have 1 luck and you can link hp with someone else who is wearing a twins bracelet


The brain is a spherical droid that can tap into the force potential of those around it. After some experimentation with several force sensitive individuals, it is a proven fact that the droid in fact drains their mental stamina and repairs itself with this energy. Do not rely on strength with the force to defeat this one.

melee/blasters only on this bad boy leave your jedi/sith at home. drain mana before fighting. Have your healer in the next room
Drops: 500 mana pool


The Juggernaut is the largest droid in the complex, and can withstand a frightful amount of damage. It addition to the sheer firepower needed to bring it down, it's heavy armor dampens most attacks and it will even repair itself in combat. But with enough firepower, it can, in fact, be stopped.

Hands down the easiest fight in the zone. This guy hits like a pansy but has a ton of hp. If you don't have a large group this may take quite a while.
Drops: Juggernaut armor gives a % increase to merc rage very nice tanking armor (best in the game?)


The Ghost is a tricky droid to combat. It has the ability to fight out of phase, meaning most physical attacks pass harmlessly through it. Fortunatly,this also reduces the power of it's own attacks, and it is not one of the more deadly guardians of the complex. Those who have the ability to fight by use of the force will have the best chance of defeating the Ghost. It should be noted, the ghost can become nearly invisible, and may be difficult to locate.

I don't remember much about this guy. have a sith/jedi to do some magic damage to him no need to even have melee (except as a tank).
Drops: phase armor, pretty nice armor with a adapt proc like Boba's


The mother will healself of almost all damage instantanously. She will also produce mechanical spider-like offspring to assist her in combat. These are her weakness, destroying them will harm the Mother. Only when she nears death does this symbotic relationship break down, and you will need to attack the Mother instead of the Offspring to destroy her.

Pretty much what the description says. Fairly easy fight.
Drops: some gloves with +heal I think not that great that I recall probably droid armor but I dunno.


Red and fiery is the style and demeanor of the Apocalypse. This droid is shrouded in an aura of red energy that absorbs all attacks with the force, giving it strength, while at the same time deflecting all common blasters. The apocalypse does not fight with arms, legs or other mundane weapons, instead electrical nodes on it's body ignite it's energy field, causing powerful explosions that will harm everyone within 20 feet.

I remember absolutely nothing about this guy.


This droid moves faster than any droid I've ever seen. While it shaped like a normal man, two arms and two legs it spins so quickly it appears to have many arms. In combat it fights this way, striking out at anyone and everyone, often with suck force that they are spun to the ground. It occasionally spins so fast a small whirlwind is formed around it, throwing people about the room through use of the wind it generates.

Good ammount of damage/area damage
Drops: cyclone cloak I think


The hammer is a heavily armored droid with a programming much like it's name. Crushing. It's right hand sports a mighty hammer that can crush the life out of an individual in seconds. You'll want very durable companions when you face him, and use all your firepower to kill him quick, you don't want to face his hammer for long.

OUCH this guy smashes the crap out of people including non-tanks. My brother got 1 shot (I lol'd at him irl)
Drops: a Hammer (duh?)

Dont forget, I haven't played this game at high level for probably a year so this information is completely from memory and should be taken with a grain of salt. Feel free to correct me where I'm wrong.

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