Skill List

Class Skills

Everyone picks a class during character creation
Each class has a maximum level of 100
Everyone must choose a subguild at level 60

Bounty Hunter
01 Kick
03 Draw
05 Hover
07 Stun
08 Throw
10 Sneak
12 Observe
14 Snare
16 Afterburn
18 Sense Life
20 Track
23 Precision Fire
26 Locate Object
28 Defensive Fighting
30 Scan
32 Ambush
36 Tracer
38 Headbutt
40 Search
42 Drag
44 Sensor Sweep
46 Combat Speed
48 Offensive Fighting
51 Wrist Weapons
54 Offhand
57 Evade
60 Cyborg Speed
72 Self Repair
78 Bionic Strength
84 Cybernetic Targeting
90 Adaptation
100 Blitz
60 Stealth
65 Shadow
70 Snipe
75 Make Round
80 Vanish
85 Find Prey
90 Take Aim
95 Stalk
100 Killing Blow

Piloting Skills

Everyone has piloting skills
Pilots must chose a subclass at level 60

01 Piloting (Small Craft)
05 Piloting (Fighters)
08 Patch Shields
10 Piloting (Bombers)
12 Ion Cannon
16 Draw Fire
20 Piloting (Medium Craft)
25 Transport
30 Piloting (Large Craft)
35 Repair Shields
40 Piloting (Capital Ships)
40 Navigation Log
45 Salvo
50 Piloting Scan
55 Repair Hull
Fighter Pilot
L60 Snapshot
L62 Tail
L65 Loop
L70 Burst Fire
L80 Overlap Shields
L90 Escape
L100 Wingman
L60 Hotjump
L65 Invert Shields
L70 Spreadfire
L80 Reroute Power
L85 Dirty Tactics
L100 Fluctuate Powergrid
Naval Officer
L60 Launch Fighters
L65 Withdrawal
L70 Fleet Advance
L75 Leadership
L80 Fleet Withdrawal
L100 Board
Space Engineer
L60 Ship Uninstall
L62 Upgrade Armor
L65 Space Construct
L66 Analyze Ship
L68 Rebuild Hull
L70 Create Ship

Secondary Class Skills

All Secondary classes have a maximum level of 40
Stormtroopers and Vehicle Operators must pick a subclass at level 20
Explorer can be chosen as a Secondary or a Tertiary class
Politician can be chosen as a Secondary or Tertiary class

01 Flare
05 Fleetness
10 Listen
13 Recharge Light
15 Survival
20 Peek
25 Detect Hidden
30 Homing Beacon
32 Blaze Trail
35 Camp
40 Scan
01 Political Know
04 Summon Bodyguard
07 Charisma
10 Vote
15 Diplomatic Shuttle
20 Planetary Gifts
25 Raise Funds
30 Speech
35 Diplomatic Immunity
40 Decoy
01 Appraise
05 Haggle
08 Barter
12 Charter Room
15 Warehouse
20 Banklink
Spice Dealer
21 Analyze Spice
23 Spice Stash
25 Deal Spice
28 Enhance Spice
30 Degrade Spice
32 Detoxify
35 Spike Spice
40 Locate Spice
01 Utility Belt
04 Patch Wound
08 Survey
10 Marksmanship
14 Conditioning
17 Scout
20 Detain
Shock Trooper
22 Entrench
25 Focused Shot
30 Treat Lesser Injury
35 Barrage
40 Advance Position
22 Group Tactics
25 Lead From The Rear
30 Order Fire
35 Cordon
40 Group Advance
Vehicle Operator
01 Drive
04 Patch Vehicle
07 Vehicle Ion
10 Vehicle Rockets
15 Jam Comlink
Bike Operator
20 Dismount
24 Sideswipe
28 Drive Style
32 Ram Bike
40 Breakaway
Tank Operator
20 Overrun
24 Flak
28 Hailfire
32 Hull Down
36 Blockade
40 Command
Walker Operator
20 Stomp
24 Flak
28 Coordinate Attack
32 Walker Scan
36 Assault
40 Command

Tertiary Class Skills

All Tertiary classes have a maximum level of 20
Explorer can be chosen as a Secondary or a Tertiary class
Politician can be chosen as a Secondary or Tertiary class

01 Farm Water
04 Farm Food
07 Sense Weather
10 Tame
15 Endurance
20 Alter Weather
01 Slice Lock
05 Hack Droid
10 Tripwire
12 Anonymous
15 Spy Camera
20 Decrypt
01 Pistol Whip
03 Draw
05 Calm Nerves
07 Rapid Fire
09 Overcharge Blaster
12 Cover Fire
15 Quickdraw
20 Trickshot
Droid Handler
01 Labor Droid
04 Analyze Droid
06 Repair Lesser
08 Call Droid
12 Droid Trick
16 Tune Up
18 Self Destruct
20 Crab Droid
01 Force Affinity
04 Sense Force
07 Teslic Fury
10 Prediction
13 Mend Wounds
16 Sense Weakness
20 Serenity/Dark Serentiy

Skill Point List

Utility Skills
10 SP covert monitoring (Medic only)
20 SP hover
25 SP sewing
25 SP spinkick
25 SP 3PO-series protocol droid
25 SP R2-series astromech droid
35 SP dark wind (Sith only)
35 SP wristworn weaponry
50 SP control pain (Sith only)
50 SP recycle
60 SP force grip (Sith only)
75 SP repair minor
75 SP treat minor injury
85 SP force reveal (Jedi/Sith only)
85 SP force wave (Jedi/Sith only)
Combination Skills
20 SP bladed punch (Merc/Tech only)
25 SP sprawling blast (Merc only)
35 SP steady hands
35 SP slashing blast (Jedi/Sith only)
35 SP final word (Smuggler only)
35 SP suppressive retreat (Merc only)
35 SP lob and roll (Bounty Hunter only)
35 SP telekinetic shrapnel (Jedi/Sith)
40 SP deadly draw
45 SP high ground (Jedi/Sith only)
Advanced skills
-Advanced Droids
-Advanced Tinker
-Advanced Manufacture
-Advanced Forge
-Advanced Construct
Space Skills
25 SP quick rearm
35 SP debilitating salvo
Quest Skills
fireball - quest reward
snowball - quest reward
----------------------=< Help File : Languages >=------------------------

Racial Skill
Skill Point Skill
Cost: 5sp

Usage: noghri hello!
           ewok watch out for that stormtrooper!
Every race in this galaxy have their own language, that only speakers of
that language may speak or understand. It is rumoured that there is also 
a smugglers tounge. Languages may either be aquired through racial choice
in character creation, or purchased with skill points.

Available Languages:
 basic            ewok           clawdite
 Shryiiwook       twilek         aqualish
 gamorrean        bothan         geonosian
 ithorian         gungan         falleen
 calamari         zabrak         smuggler's jargon
 rodian           trandoshan
 sullustan        noghri
 huttese          jawa

See Also: Races, Sp

---------------------=< Revenge of the Jedi MUD >=----------------------

Racial Skills

Aqualish Maul unarmed special attack
Bothan Access get info from Bothan spynet
Clawdite Shapeshift change appearance
Ewok Blend hide/stealth
Falleen Exude summons mobs of opposite sex from adjacent rooms
Gamorrean Gore special attack
Geonosian Fly move without using MV
Gungan Tumble buffs evades
Ithorian Growl special attack
Jawa Scavenge get extra items from corpse
Mon Calamari Enhance buff ship damage and hyperspace
Noghri Grapple unarmed special attack
Rodian Mark helps track target
Selkath Harvest Kolto repack medical supplies while underwater
Sullstan Pinpoint get hyperspace coordinates
Trandoshan Sniff get info on mobs in adjacent rooms
Twilek Dance stuns target
Wookie Climb use Jump exits
Zabrack Intensify force bonus
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