Skill Points
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Skill Points are another form of currency available to players.
It allows you to purchase a skill token that can be given to a specific
mob.  This mob will train you in that skill and allow you to practice

Skill points can be earned in much the same way as Quest points. Killing
tough mobs, completing hard quests, and other epic feats will earn players
skill points.

See Also: Token, Redeem, Sp

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Gaining Skill Points

+1 for joining a guild
+1 for maxing a skill

Utility Skills

10 SP covert monitoring (Medic only)
20 SP hover
25 SP sewing
25 SP spinkick
25 SP 3PO-series protocol droid
25 SP R2-series astromech droid
35 SP dark wind (Sith only)
35 SP wristworn weaponry
50 SP control pain (Sith only)
50 SP recycle
60 SP force grip (Sith only)
75 SP repair minor
75 SP treat minor injury
85 SP force reveal (Jedi/Sith only)
85 SP force wave (Jedi/Sith only)

Combination Skills

20 SP bladed punch (Merc/Tech only)
25 SP sprawling blast (Merc only)
35 SP steady hands
35 SP slashing blast (Jedi/Sith only)
35 SP final word (Smuggler only)
35 SP suppressive retreat (Merc only)
35 SP lob and roll (Bounty Hunter only)
35 SP telekinetic shrapnel (Jedi/Sith)
40 SP deadly draw
45 SP high ground (Jedi/Sith only)

Advanced skills

-Advanced Droids
-Advanced Tinker
-Advanced Manufacture
-Advanced Forge
-Advanced Construct

Space Skills

25 SP quick rearm
35 SP debilitating salvo

Quest Skills

fireball - quest reward
snowball - quest reward

Language Skills

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Racial Skill
Skill Point Skill
Cost: 5sp

Usage: noghri hello!
           ewok watch out for that stormtrooper!
Every race in this galaxy have their own language, that only speakers of
that language may speak or understand. It is rumoured that there is also 
a smugglers tounge. Languages may either be aquired through racial choice
in character creation, or purchased with skill points.

Available Languages:
 basic            ewok           clawdite
 Shryiiwook       twilek         aqualish
 gamorrean        bothan         geonosian
 ithorian         gungan         falleen
 calamari         zabrak         smuggler's jargon
 rodian           trandoshan
 sullustan        noghri
 huttese          jawa

See Also: Races, Sp

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