Tatooine Desert

Tatooine Desert/Moisture Farm (east)

east of Mos Eisley

Known Death Traps: Crossing the rickety rope bridge, going east into a canyon when there is no visible exit east

Recommended levels: 20-25
Mob levels:
Mobs: wandering moisture farmer (aggy), other aggy mobs

What/10 and A2E/25 lost moisture farmer (masked) (aggy)

L08 coral snake
L14 hooded cobra snake
L10 sand snake
L22 mongoose

Navigating the Tatooine Desert

I would recommend staying out of the Tatooine Desert.
There are aggy mobs, no loot, and many Death Traps you can stumble into.
If you really want to wander around, always use the EXITS command and read the room descriptions.

When you are outside the eastern gates of Mos Eisley, go north to get to the Moisture farm

You can also get to the Moisture farm by going 1S or 2S then East.
I would recommend leaving the Moisture Farm only by going west.
Otherwise, you'll end up wandering around in the Tatooine Desert.

You can get to the Bomarr Monk's Monastery by going 4S, 4N to get to the Base of the Monastery.
Be careful of the masked Moisture Farmers that will ambush you around the Monastery.

If you find yourself east of a canyon, you can head north and find a way into Beggar's Canyon.
Read the Exit descriptions carefully because you can end up in either of the Death Traps in the zone if
you go east over the bridge or east into the canyon.

Moisture Farm

Loot: loose fitting shirt (weak, about body), wrench (simple, melee)
glass of water (drink container x2)

L01 boy
L06 labor droid
L06 farm hand (some farming pants, weak)
L07 woman (farmer's wife)
L10 owner (loose fitting shirt) (sun blistered belt, basic) (holdout blaster)

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