Tertiary Class Skills

Tertiary Class Skills


------------------------------=< Flare >=--------------------------------

Usage: conc 'flare'

Explorer Level 1.

A flare will light a dark room for a short period of time.  It is bright 
enough to also light any dark exits so you can see what rooms surround 
you with the exit command.

See Also: Explorer, Concentrate

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----------------------------=< Fleetness >=------------------------------

Usage: conc 'fleetness'

Explorer Level 5.

Explorers often travel long distances through terrain that is physically
taxing.  In many of these places, even simple vehicles such as speeders
are not available.  With fleetness the Explorer becomes light of foot
and quickly moves across this terrain with little difficulty. As an added
benefit, the explorers quickness will see a slight increase during the
effective period.

See Also: Explorer

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------------------------------=< Listen >=-------------------------------

Explorer Level 10

Usage: listen
       listen <room direction>

Explorers have very sharp hearing, it keeps them alert for dangers
before they befall them.  With listen, an explorer can hear the
movement, breathing of anyone he can't see within the room.  This
does not allow the explorer to see the individual, simply be aware
of their presence.

Listen also can be used to listen into the next room to detect any
individuals in the chosen direction.  

At higher levels, the listener can pinpoint exactly how many 
individuals are in his/her own or the nearby room.

See Also: Explorer

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Recharge Light

--------------------------=< Recharge Light >=---------------------------

Technician Level 11
Explorer Level 13

Usage: conc 'recharge light' <object>

Getting caught without a light in an unknown location can be a very 
dangerous thing. Recharging a light can extend it's life greatly
however there is a chance that you can damage the light beyond repair
in the process.

See Also: Technician, Explorer, Light

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-----------------------------=< Survival >=------------------------------

Explorer Level 15

Usage: automatic

Explorers learn many tricks and methods to surviving in hostile 
environments, and this skill represents this.  With the survival 
skill, the Explorer will avoid weather damage (Pesky Lightning Bolts)
and know how to swim underwater for extended durations.

See Also: Weather, Explorer

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-------------------------------=< Peek >=--------------------------------

Explorer Level 20

Usage: peek <direction>

By using the peek command, a Explorer can see what a room looks like
and what is in it, before actually entering the room to face the
consequences.  If the peek attempt fails, however, the Explorer will
end up in the room anyway.

See Also: Explorer

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