Always keep about 10,000 credits in the bank so you can buy a T-16, distress probe, and light source for corpse recoveries on other planets.

I just lost all my Newbie Questor/Starting Guild equipment and can't get it back. How do I replace it?

Newbie/Lowbie DT recovery

Blaster combat - Standard-issue Imperial Blaster (moderate, blaster) Smart Trainee
Force combat - orange gem (moderate) Combat Arena
Ranged combat - electronic disrupter (moderate) from jawa craftsman (Jawa Den)
Lightsaber - pretend lightsaber (Black rock) or lightsaber from Padawan (both are moderate)
Melee- crutch (Black Rock), pirate energy cutlass (pirate ship) (both are basic)
Dagger - Krayt dragon tooth (Black Rock)

Head - Trainee Pilot's Helmet (Rebel Piloting Training Ground) (moderate)
Neck - macrobinoculars (Sandcrawler), ancient dragonslayer amulet (Black Rock) (all weak)
Body - Padawan robes (moderate) (Jedi Guild)
About Body - Thick Grey Cloak (weak) (Grand Poobah, Black Rock)
Arms - Prison Guard sleeves (basic) (Mos Eislery Prison)
Wrists - leather wrist guard (weak) (pirate pilot)
Hands - any newbie armor (weak)
Rings - pirate ring (weak) or Imperial Signet ring (newbie)
Waist - Inya's Gravity Belt (Minos/Travnin from Stu the recruit)
Legs - prison guard pants (basic)
Feet - Trainee Pilot's Boots (Rebel Piloting Training Grounds)

Ship - buy a T-16 skyhopper, go to Kahlia and look for an X-Wing. You may need to ladder up by killing a Z-95 Headhunter first.
Light source - Kroyie searchlight (lasts for a few days) (Nursery rings)
Container - flight satchel (Rebel Piloting Training Grounds),

This should be enough so you can hunt for better equipment.
Replace your weapon first to make combat easier.

Lowbie/Midbie EQ DT Recovery

1) Start by getting some mod eq
Go to Sumitra and kill L16 Tierfon Yellow Aces

Blaster - Space Blaster
Space Helmet - mod
Rebel pilot's jumpsuit - mod

Go to the Jedi Guild and kill young Padawans for a padawan robe and a lightsaber

2) Go to Coruscant and get stormtrooper armor (mod) in the barracks

3) Gathering other armor and items
Head - stormtrooper helmet
Neck - CorSec ID tag (Winter, Guild of Doom)
Neck -
Body - Kast's Mandalorian Armor (Jabba's Townhouse, Jodo Kast)
About Body - woven overshirt, Dustaln
Arms - stormtrooper sleeves
Wrists - durasteel bracelet (Aganonia, civilians)
Hands - stormtrooper gloves
Ring - cybernetic nexus ring, Kallistas
Ring - promise ring, Rebel Hideout, Cad
Waist - stormtrooper belt
Legs - stormtrooper leggings
Feet - hiking boots or climbing boots (Minos Cluster/Adarlon)
Light - spheroid globe (Minos Cluster/Travnin/Grand Design/Rollo)
Ship - Solare Flare (Minos Cluster/Travnin/Grand Design/Trynic)
Shield - cyborg force shield, Mos Espa guard
Container - Net (Jodo Kast)

4) Go to the bottom floor of the Post Office and get a postal-issue laser rifle (vicious blaster)

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