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Vehicle Items

Usage: ride <vehicle name>

   There are a various types of vehicles that can be ridden by a skilled and
non-skilled players.  Simple speeders and hover devices for example can be
used by anyone while use of combat vehicles require a player to join the
vehicle operator guild.

Vehicle Types
Speeders - Non-combat vehicles used for travel.
Pod Racers - Function as speeders, will someday be used for racing.
Speederbikes - Combat vehicle requiring vehicle operator skills
Tanks - Combat vehicle requiring vehicle operator skills
Walkers - Combat vehicle requiring vehicle operator skills
Hover Devices - Non-combat devices that function as speeders.
Boats - Allow underwater travel

See Also: Speeder bike, Walker, Tank, Ride, Speeder

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Vehicle Shop on Coruscant

 ##   Available   Item                                            Credits
  1)  Unlimited   A case of hailfire missiles                       43384
  2)  Unlimited   A case of proton rockets                          28922
  3)  Unlimited   A SX-57 communications jammer                    1446207
  4)  Unlimited   A vehicle mounted ion cannon kit                 2892415
  5)  Unlimited   A vehicle mounted proton rocket kit              2892415
  6)  Unlimited   A large vehicle repair patch                       5494
  7)  Unlimited   A small vehicle repair patch                       3469
  8)  Unlimited   A TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank                231391
  9)  Unlimited   A TX-129 Scout-class patrol tank                 130157
 10)  Unlimited   An Espo Walker 91                                202467
 11)  Unlimited   A Rothana personal walker                        144619
 12)  Unlimited   A 74-Z speeder bike                               92555
 13)  Unlimited   A 74-Y speeder bike                               40492
 14)  Unlimited   A 22-B Nightfalcon speeder bike                   63631
 15)  Unlimited   A Ripper-class speeder bike                       40492


Object 'a Ripper-class speeder bike', Item type: Vehicle
It can be worn: Inventory Rode 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 10, Value: 14000, Rent: 500
Vehicle Type: Speederbike
Armor Plating: none
Weapon System: Single Laser Cannon
Speederbike Damage Dice are '2D7'
 for an average per-round damage of 8.0.
Hull Points: 80/80
Number of Rebuilds: 0
Special Systems:
 Combat Blades

Vehicle Systems

Object 'a Kuat Drive Yards Juggernaut-series Anti-personnel Laser Cannons', Item type: System Install kit
It can be worn: Inventory 
Item is: NOBITS 
Weight: 10, Value: 10000, Rent: 200
Install type: Vehicle
System type: anti-personnel blasters

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