001) Create a character

See: Character Creation

a handlight, lasts several hours
a Trainee Manual, examine manual to read
a newbie potion, armor/focus mind/cure light
a map, a map of Mos Esiley
(2) a newbie's Wookie Cookie, 2 cookies = full
a bottle of water, 1 drink
a small sack, DO NOT drop the small sack or you'll lose everything inside the container

002) Run through the Imperial Training Combat Arena

See: Imperial Academy

You can pick up a complete set of Imperial Navy armor and a weapon.

003) Join a Guild / Visit your Guild

The following guilds are placed within Mos Eisley for your use. You may
find similar guilds elsewhere in the galaxy as well, but you will have
to find those yourself. All directions listed take the moisture vaporator
in northern mos eisley as the starting point.

Jedi Guild - 2w
Mercenary Guild - s 2e s
Smuggler Guild - 4s e s
Medic Guild - 6s w n
Bounty Hunter Guild - 7s e 2s e
Technician Guild - 9s w 2s 2w

004) Complete the newbie autoquests

Alwolf's Beginner's Scavenger Hunt
- Newbie Questor's armor, satchel, and speeder

Guildmaster's Little Helper
- Guild ship and sleeping bag

William's Scavenger Hunt for Spacers
- Newbie Piloting Gear and Newbie X-Wing

Newbie Hunting (levels 1 to 15)

Lowbie Hunting (levels 15 to 30)

Midbie Hunting (levels 30 to 60)

Highbie Hunting (levels 60 to 90)

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