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-----------------------------=< Weapons >=-------------------------------

   Weapons are objects that can be equipped with the WIELD command to be used
in combat.  There are several different weapon types, which are identified by
the PROFICIENCIES required to use them.  After a certain level of training
MULTI WIELDING becomes possible.    

See Also: Dice, Remove, Offhand, Multi wield, Wield, Proficiencies

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-----------------------=< Weapon Average/Dice >=-------------------------

In most roleplaying games, die rolls required by the system are given
in the form of 'XdY'. This is where X and Y are variables separated
by the letter 'd', which stands for die or dice.

The formula to find your weapon average is:   ((x * y) + x)/ 2

Example: Damage Dice is '3D3' for an average per-round damage of 6.0

Example: Some common dice and their average values:
        NumDice   Size    Average
        4         4       10
        5         4       12.5
        3         5       9
        6         5       18
        4         5       12
        5         5       15

See Also: Weapons, Combat

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